December 26, 2018

The Supplica: Petition to the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary of Pompeii 向龐貝玫瑰經之童貞榮福瑪利亞求恩誦


Blessed Bartolo Long wrote his inspired petition to the Queen of the Holy Rosary in 1883.

The lengthy supplication has lost nothing of its power to soften even the most hardened hearts; it continues to obtain graces in abundance from the hands of the Madonna of the Rosary. It is a prayer for all peoples and for universal peace, a prayer for the whole Church: for the Holy Father and the bishops, for priests, deacons, and the lay faithful of every state in life, with their special intentions, their burdens, and their hopes.

The Supplica is, of all Blessed Bartolo Longo's published prayers to the Mother of God, the most famous. Its incandescent words have opened countless souls to the merciful love of Christ through the all-powerful intercession of His Mother.

The Supplica is prayed at noon on the feast days of Our Lady of Pompeii (i.e. May 8th and the first Sunday of October) in all the churches of Italy and many churches throughout the world.  







 Petition to the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary of Pompeii

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

O August Queen of Victories, O Sovereign of Heaven and Earth, at whose name the heavens rejoice and the abysses tremble. O Glorious Queen of the Rosary, we, your devoted children, gathered in your Temple of Pompeii (on this solemn day*), pour out the feelings of our hearts, and with filial confidence express our miseries to You. From the Throne of clemency where You are seated as Queen, turn, O Mary, your pitiful eyes on us, on our families, on Italy, on Europe and on the whole world. Take pity on the worries and trials which embitter our lives. See, O Mother, how many dangers of soul and body, how many calamities and afflictions press upon us. O Mother, implore mercy for us from your Divine Son, and win by your clemency the hearts of sinners. They are our brothers and sisters, and your children, who cost the blood of our sweet Jesus and sadden your most sensitive Heart. Show yourself to all as You are, the Queen of Peace and of Pardon.
Hail Mary

It is true that we, although your children, are the first who crucify Jesus again in our hearts by our sins, and wound anew your heart. We confess it: we deserve the severest chastisements, yet remember that You did receive, on Golgotha, the divine Blood and the testament of the dying Saviour, who declared You as our Mother, the Mother of sinners. Thus, as our Mother, You are our Advocate and our Hope. And groaning we lift up our pleading hands to You crying: Have Mercy! O good Mother, have pity on us, on our souls, on our families, on our relatives, on our friends, on our deceased, and above all on our enemies, and on so many who call themselves Christian, yet offend the loving Heart of your Son. Today we beg for mercy on perverted Nations, on the whole of Europe, on the whole world that repentant they return to your Heart. Be merciful to us all, O Mother of Mercy!
Hail Mary

Graciously deign, O Mary, to hear us! Jesus has entrusted to your hands all the treasures of His Graces and His Mercies. You are seated, as crowned Queen, at the right hand of your Son, shining with immortal glory, over all the Choirs of Angels. You extend your dominion as far as the heavens expand, and the earth and all creatures are subject to You. You are omnipotent by grace, therefore You can help us. Were You not willing to help us, because we are ungrateful children, unworthy of your protection, we would not know to whom to turn. Your Mother’s heart will not allow seeing us, your children, lost. The Child we behold on your knees and the mystical Rosary we admire in your hand, both inspire us with confidence that we shall be heard. And we confide totally in You, we abandon ourselves like helpless children into the arms of the most tender of mothers, and on this very day, we expect from You the desired graces.
Hail Mary

Let us ask Mary for Her blessing

One last grace we ask of You, O Queen, that You cannot deny us (on this most solemn day*). Grant to us all your constant love, and in a special way your maternal blessing. We will not depart from You, until You have blessed us. Bless, O Mary, at this moment, the Supreme Pontiff. To the ancient splendours of your Crown, to the triumphs of your Rosary, whence You are called Queen of Victories, add also this, O Mother: grant triumph to Faith and Peace to humanity. Bless our Bishops, the Priests and particularly all those who zealously work for the honour of your Shrine. Bless, finally, all those who are associated with your Temple of Pompeii, and those who cultivate and promote devotion to the holy Rosary. O Blessed Rosary of Mary, sweet Chain that binds us to God, Bond of love that unites us to the Angels, Tower of salvation against the assaults of hell, sure Haven in the universal shipwreck, we shall never again leave You. You will be our comfort at the hour of agony, to you the last kiss of our dying life. And the last word on our lips will be your sweet name, O Queen of the Rosary of Pompeii, O our dear Mother, O Refuge of Sinners, O Sovereign Comforter of the afflicted. Be blessed everywhere, now and forever, on earth and in Heaven. Amen.
Hail, Holy Queen

(*) Only on the 8th of May and the first Sunday of October.




啊!至尊勝利之后!啊!天地之母皇!您的聖名使諸天歡樂,深淵戰慄。啊!光榮的玫瑰經之后,我們這些的孩子在這個隆重的日子,*聚集在您龐貝的聖殿,把我們內心的感受傾瀉於您,孝愛的信心向您傾訴我們的愁苦。啊!聖母瑪利亞,您以母后的身份坐在仁慈的寶座上,求您回顧,憐視我們,憐視我們的家庭,憐視意大利、歐洲及普世。求您憐視那困苦著我們生命的憂慮和考驗。啊!母親!看!有多麼靈魂肉身的危機,有多麼不幸和憂苦在壓迫著我們。啊!母親,懇求您的聖子垂憐我們,並以您的仁慈贏取罪人的心吧!他們是我們的弟兄姊妹,也是您的孩子他們使我們甘飴的耶穌犧牲了祂的寶血,傷透聖心。您向眾人顯示您自己 —— 您確實是寬仁和平之后。





(*) 只在五月八日和十月首主日。

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