June 4, 2017

Mother Dearest, Mother Fairest

1.  Mother dearest, Mother fairest,
Help of all who call on Thee,
Virgin purest, brightest, rarest,
Help us, Help, we cry to Thee.


Mary, Help us, help, we pray;
Mary, Help us, help, we pray;
Help us in all care and sorrow,
Mary, Help us, help, we pray.

2.  Lady, help in pain and sorrow,
Soothe those racked on beds of pain;
May the golden light of morrow,
Bring them health and joy again.


3.  Help our priests, our virgins holy,
Help our Pope, long may he reign;
Pray that we who sing thy praises
May in Heaven all meet again.


4.  Lady, help the absent loved ones,
How we miss their presence here,
May the hand of Thy protection,
Guard and guide them far and near.