August 24, 2016

✚ Powerful Prayer to the Queen of Angels. ✚ 向瑪利亞天使之后祈求的有力驅魔經文

Sublime Queen of Heaven, exalted Lady of the Angels, You have the power and the commission given by God to crush the head of Satan. Therefore we humbly beseech you, send to our aid your heavenly legions, so that, under your command and by your power, they may pursue the hellish spirits, fight them everywhere, ward off their impudent attacks, and fling them back into the abyss.

Who is like God? You holy angels and archangels, defend and protect us!

Good, kind Mother, You remain always our love and our hope! Mother of God, send us the holy angels to defend us and keep the evil one far from us. Amen.